Adopt Kat

Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix

Tough as nails girl boss looking for compliant and dedicated caregiver. Hobbies being possessive of anything she feels is hers which includes but is not limited to her bed, her person, her toys, the air around her etc. Kat is a sassy lady and needs a home where she can be the queen and rule the roost. This means no other pets and perhaps even no other humans that may get in the way of her person showering her with attention.Kat would do best in a all adult home and can be dominant with other dogs, would prefer to be the only dog. No apartments or attached dwellings she is very vocal.Kat is a sweet girl with lots of love to offer her new family. She is a shy girl but with time and the proper introduction she warms up fast. Ignoring her and letting her come to you is the best method. Reaching out to pet her or have her sniff your hand by sticking it in her face is not a safe way to greet a dog. Once comfortable, this little girl likes to think of herself as the boss and given the chance she will take full advantage. Kat does not always show her true colours at first but once she is attached to "her person" or you ask her to do something that she does not want to do, then her behavior changes. She guards the object of her affection (owner) from approaching people or animals. This behavior can no be tolerated, a very structured household is what she needs, someone how is firm but not mean or forceful. She needs to learn that she is not in charge, that the people are and she needs clear boundaries. She should not be allowed to sit on owners lap because this gives her more possession over them. Included in adoption package are hand outs on nothing in life is free life style that will be vary important when trying to fix her guarding behaviors. She is leash reactive when out on walks, a gentle leader would be a great tool the help with this.Obedience classes are recommended as always to teach her skills and to build a bond with her new owners. Crate training is also a must to keep her safe and out of trouble. Little dogs tend to want to rule to roost so rules and structure are a must. Kat will make a wonderful companion for adopters with lots of love to offer her. Supervision around children and other pets is advised .

Animal ID: 35167455
Species: Dog
Breed: Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix
Age: 3 years 5 months 22 days
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Color: White/Tan
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Housetrained: Unknown
Site: Hamilton/Burlington SPCA
Location: Dog Adoption Kennels
Intake Date: 7/18/2017
Adoption Price: $100.00

This pet also comes with 6 weeks of pre-paid pet health insurance. For more information please visit or call 1-866-600-2445.

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