Adopt Kingsley

Doberman Pinscher/Rottweiler

Kingsley is generally good with other dogs, but can be selective.Kingsley will need to live in a house with children 14 years and older. Kingsley is a sweet boy with lots of love to offer his new family. He is a HIGH energy boy who wants to go go go!. If he does not get the required mental and physical stimulation he requires, he will make his own fun, which will likely come in the form of behavioural issues.  Kingsley can be very rough and has developed a bad habit of jumping up and mouthing people.This should not be tolerated but redirected in a positive way, in the adoption package there is a handout on how to work with his jumping and rough play. Giving him a large backyard to run around in is NOT sufficient exercise.  Adopters who are not able to provide this type of stimulation should consider another dog. Obedience classes are a must for this boy. Crate training is also a must to keep him safe and out of trouble. Kingsley will make a wonderful companion for adopters with lots of love to offer him. Supervision around children and other pets is advised .

Animal ID: 37110657
Species: Dog
Breed: Doberman Pinscher/Rottweiler
Age: 10 months 9 days
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Color: Black/Tan
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Housetrained: Unknown
Site: Hamilton/Burlington SPCA
Location: Dog Adoption Kennels
Intake Date: 11/8/2017
Adoption Price: $325.00

This pet also comes with 6 weeks of pre-paid pet health insurance. For more information please visit or call 1-866-600-2445.

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