Staying Connected. Sept 18

Its a cool crisp Friday. There remain warm days ahead, yet it sure does feel like autumn as school re-opens, “bubbles’ have burst, and the Times of COVID continue to shape the new normal. The health and safety of Staff and volunteers at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA remain top of mind, every day.

Staff work in zones, and comply with wearing a mask, physical distancing and regular hand sanitising. Cleaning protocols are rigorous, and personal protective equipment is worn at all times in high animal care areas including the kennels and the Companion Animal Hospital.  The HBSPCA is open by appointment: adopters pick up their new family member and families bring their pet companions for scheduled spay neuter surgeries, health checks, nail trims and end of life support.  Four afternoons a week, people visit the shelter to purchase new and gently used pet merchandise; no more than 10 visiting public can be on site at any one time.

Yesterday, one of our Staff was mocked by a member of the public as a “puppet” because she was wearing a mask. She did not judge. She did not allow the person on site. She carried on diligently with her work that day – making appointments for surgery, taking donations on the phone, comforting families as they called to see how the HBSPCA could help their pet at the end of life, referring callers to other community services, planning a garage sale. She stayed beyond her shift to give dogs in care an extra outdoor run at the end of the day.

For six months our staff have kept their focus on service to community. Health and safety protocols keep them safe, keep their families safe, and keep all of us safe. Without healthy staff, there is no service to community. There is no refuge for homeless and abandoned animals. There is no safe place for animals at risk brought into care by Provincial Inspectors. No Spay neuter for street cats. No pet health support for families. No emergency support for pet companions.

I thank our Friends of the HBSPCA Members, our supporters and our donors for the notes of thanks you have sent to Staff, and your generous gifts that keep pets and people together, everyday.

We are wearing masks. I thank you too for wearing one.

Be safe. Be kind.



It’s Crunch Time!

Dear Friend of the Animals

For 31 years, usually in September, animal lovers have walked their dogs in parks, around wave pools and alongside waterfronts raising money for the rescue and rehoming of animals at risk. And together, we have been celebrating the human animal bond.

This year, our feathered and furry best friends – and some not so feathered and furry – have helped us through the Times of COVID. As the pandemic continues to change the way we work, live and play, our pets have truly been pawsitive friends and family members, brightening our days, every day.

This year, the Walk Your Way is also a time to reflect on what happened to those rescued and rehomed companions you supported in the past.  Meet Side Car Ben!

“Ben was adopted from the HBSPCA in 2010 and this December he’ll be 11 years old. I was told he’s a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix and wasn’t given any info about his background, only that he was surrendered in Smithville at just under a year old. It was clear he had not been treated very well by his previous owners and was very sensitive to touch and would bite if scared. Everything about home life seemed new to him at first – from seeing a television, to riding in a car and especially walking on a leash in the city – there was a huge learning curve to get through. Right from the beginning I took him with me everywhere and exposed him to as much as I could, and slowly he learned to trust me and be calm in new situations. It took a lot (a lot!) of work, and a ton of treats – but looking at him now it’s amazing how far he’s come.

I had been dreaming about getting him a sidecar motorcycle for years because I knew he would love it and he’s got the right temperament for it – so when my new Ural arrived this spring it was no real surprise that he took to it with only a few short training sessions. Now it’s one of his favourite things to do, and the best way to get to good hiking spots! If I’m ever having a bad day or feeling stressed, all I have to do is take him for a ride and it’s pure joy to look over and see him beside me. It’s awesome to see how much he makes everyone else smile when we’re on the road too. He’s the best boy, and I’m honoured to be his driver.” –Danielle

Side Car Ben and Danielle. The human animal bond at work.

Our Wiggle Waggle Walk YOUR Way is just days away and we need your help now more than ever.  It is not too late to make a difference in a shelter pet’s life.  They count on your support for a healthy, safe, second chance.

Want to support Danielle and Side Car Ben? You can donate to their fundraising page here

It’s go time!  The bottom of the ninth!  Crunch time!

You can help in any one of the following ways:

  • Sign up as a participant and raise funds. Be sure to challenge your friends!
  • Spread the word!  Share our social media stories!
  • Post photos using #WalkYourWay #WiggleWaggle #WWW2020 #HBSPCA

9 year old Carter is selling homemade jam to raise money for this year’s Wiggle Waggle Walk YOUR Way!

Carter’s Fam Jam

“During the whole month of August, I made and sold home-made jam.  Jars were $3.00 each and there were 3 different flavours!  I wanted to start my own little business and donate a portion of the profits to help animals in need.  With amazing family, friends, and our community we were able to donate and start our Wiggle Waggle Walk fundraisier with $150.00!  Thank you ALL so much for the support” — Carter

You can support Carter here

Spoil your dog with some Linky Berry donuts from Doggin Donuts!  $1 from each order of Linky Berry donuts will be donated to the Wiggle Waggle Walk!  Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Share with us how you are raising funds.  Send your photos and plans to

Register, donate or learn more here


Staying Connected Aug 25

Tuesday August 25, 2020

Dear Friends of the Animals

Since the onset of these unprecedented COVID times, I have been sharing stories about pet companion rescue and rehoming, telemedicine, and safety measures to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Five months have passed since the shelter was initially on “lock down”. And we remember that it was only a matter of days before staff designed and adapted innovative safe approaches to continue taking care of the animals – spay/neuter for vulnerable street cats, euthanasia for pet companions in pain and distress at the end of life, and emergency response to urgent situations.  Your Team at the HBSPCA are HEROES to the animals as they came to work the day the province closed down and didn’t look back. This is the commitment your HBSPCA Staff made every day when the Province made shelters essential services. Staff were there for the animals, and still are. They truly are HEROES to the animals!

It wasn’t always easy.  Some personal protective equipment was in short supply, and purchase costs escalated. Budgets had not anticipated barriers for safe client interactions, and a more urgent need for cleaning supplies. Staff, while confined to their “zones” on site, needed to trust that each among them was keeping safe outside work within their bubbles. Admin staff were deployed to work from home; however, lack of broadband in some communities made this difficult at best, and costly.

Summer weather has made curbside drop off and pick up of Companion Animal Hospital clients feasible. No contact adoptions have been remarkably successful and the adopters love the process; no adoptable pet is waiting long for a forever home.  The shelter is gradually opening its doors for retail and donations four afternoons a week; we welcome our supporters and donors.

The HBSPCA Staff have been nimble and ready to jump into action on the drop of a dime. They have taken care of themselves and each other so that they can continue to care for animals in need. They are HEROES in my books. I hope you feel the same.

I invite you to celebrate your HEROES, and consider making a donation to support the recovery and rehoming miracles they make happen, every day.

Donate HERE


Marion Emo
President and CEO
Keeping Distance Staying Connected.


Get ready to Wiggle Waggle Walk YOUR Way!

Dear Friends of the Animals

Have you registered yet for the Wiggle Waggle Walk YOUR Way!  Last year you helped raise close to $50,000.00 all for the animals and their families.  Can we count on your support again this year?

Working together we can do great things and we want to send a big PAWS up to our generous community sponsors!

Ren’s Pets is back on board as our Presenting Sponsor.  Royal Canin, a long-time friend of the animals and their families supported by the HBSPCA, showed their support with a GOLD Sponsorship. Air Kool stepped up and offered to be a BRONZE Plus Sponsor.  We welcomed CHARITYaaCOUNTS and Fast Time Signs as BRONZE Sponsors and of course Bone & Biscuit, Aran Awards and Take Ur Pic Photography got us started as KICK OFF Sponsors.  Helping to spread the word are media sponsors KX 94.7 and 92.9 The Grand.  And still to come exciting news from our friends at Pet Valu Binbrook and Redhill.


All the animals need now is you!  They count on your support for healthy, safe, second chance lives.

You can help in any one of the following ways:

  • Sign up as a participant and raise funds. Be sure to challenge your friends!
  • Spread the word!  Share our social media stories!
  • Post photos using #WalkYourWay #WiggleWaggle #WWW2020 #HBSPCA

Own a business and want to get on board?  Send an email to for full details.

Whether you fancy felines, adore dogs or have a soft spot for small critters, we want you to walk, sit or play – your way – and help keep animals safe and healthy, at home.

Share with us how you are raising funds.  Send your photos and plans to

Wiggle Waggle Walk Your Way – All for the Animals. Sign up, learn more or donate at /donate/join-ourevents/wiggle-waggle/

Walk YOUR Way for companions like Mr. Grey who arrived at the HBSPCA Companion Animal Hospital with a terrible leg injury.  Your donations provided him the care he so desperately needed. Find Mr. Grey’s story here


Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey was certainly not at his best when he arrived at the HBPSCA.

Earlier this week we were contacted by one of our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) caregivers about a cat that had shown up in her colony with a terrible injury.  His front leg was swollen to roughly twice the size it should have been and a large portion of the skin was missing.  Infection had set in and the tissue was dying.  This guy needed our help.  We can’t know for sure how the injury happened or exactly when it happened but our team was ready to make sure he was on the road to recovery and feeling better.

Antibiotics, pain medication, daily bandage changes and lots of love are the medical plan for this sweet boy.  We can’t wait to be able to show you before and after photos of his injury!  We will keep you updated on his progress.