Reflecting on the Difference Makers Report


The recent report Difference Makers: Understanding and Improving the OSPCA’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Work is an important reminder of the challenges HBSPCA Agents face every day protecting animals at risk in the community. The report cites the working conditions of the Inspectorate in Ontario including the emotional stress of encountering animals in a range of circumstances and neglect, the potential threats to personal safety and the variable employment conditions.
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Summer Camp – Week 4

Monday began with a presentation from our guest speaker Tracy and her dog, Daphne. They taught us how to interact with a new dog, and campers got to play and intermingle with Daphne. Next, the Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth (GLOHW) came in a brought an abundance of greyhounds to teach campers all about the breed and how a greyhound is rehabilitated from a “loser” to a “winner”.


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