Summer Camp – Week 4

Monday began with a presentation from our guest speaker Tracy and her dog, Daphne. They taught us how to interact with a new dog, and campers got to play and intermingle with Daphne. Next, the Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth (GLOHW) came in a brought an abundance of greyhounds to teach campers all about the breed and how a greyhound is rehabilitated from a “loser” to a “winner”.


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Summer Camp – Week 3

We began our first day of week 3 with two special visitors: Tracy and her dog Daphne, and Sharon and her special Seeing Eye Dog, Hominy. Tracy taught campers all about how to approach a dog that they don’t know, and then let campers practice on Daphne! Sharon explained her condition, which left her night blind in both eyes and with zero depth perception, and told us how Hominy is now “her eyes”.


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Summer Camp – Week 2

Day one began with a visit from three special people: Shannon and her ‘skinny pigs’, Laura and her ‘bug’ (a mixture of a bulldog and a pug), and our very own counselor with  her newly adopted dog. Sheldon and Spencer, the two skinny pigs, taught us all about their special breed of hairless guinea pigs. Soon after, Bella, the ‘bug’, showed us her fancy tricks and  how a pet can overcome a bad injury. Lastly, Rider the lab-possibly greyhound mix also showed off his tricks and taught us about some of the ways to care for a new dog.


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Summer Camp – Week 1

What a great start to our summer camp program! Week 1 was packed with dogs, rats, and fun in the sun! We started the week off with presentations about pocket pets and ending with one of our very own counselor’s talking about her experience adopting her dog. Campers went home with further knowledge on animals, an appreciation of nature, and smiling faces.


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Summer Camp – Week 3

Hi everyone! My name is Chase and I’m up for adoption at the HBSPCA. I had an eventful week with the campers and I have a lot to share with you!

Campers were paid a visit Touch of Class Equestrian. They brought some furry ducklings, Shiloah the baby goat, and Sophia the miniature horse. All I heard about was how cute the ducks were!



Campers were also visited by Mark from Little Res Q. He brought some reptile friends such as snakes, turtles, and a bearded dragon. These campers were having a ruff time letting go of the reptiles because they were having so much fun!


Do you think you could cuddle with this guy more than me? I don’t think so!

Do you think you could cuddle with this guy more than me? I don’t think so!



Campers were then visited by Brandon from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. He taught them what he does to help animals who have strayed far from home. I know that my future forever home would make sure I’m microchipped if I ever strayed away!



After their guest speakers came in, campers did tons of crafts and made very cool bookmarks! Take a look…make sure you do it quick before I slobber all over them!




Wow! Awesome job campers! Keep those little buggers away from me because I might think they’re mine! Woof Woof!

For the trip this week, campers went to Alpaca’s from Eight and Mud. They learned about alpaca  fur and what it can be used for. They also got to be up close and personal with these great animals too! I know I like to have some one-on-one time with friends, especially when they want to play catch with me!

15 16


They even got to make personalized pieces of wool to bring home with them!




A friend of mine, Georgia, paid a special visit! She was here at the HBSPCA before I got here, but she’s a furry friend who found a great home! I’m sure she would want to play catch with me sometime!



For their last day of camp, I was very sad to see them go! I wanted to cuddle with them and play fetch, but I know they have  forever homes too. I’ll find mine soon enough!

They had a visit from Lisa from Pawsitive Wellness Pet Care. She taught them all about animal first aid. I think that animal first aid is important because I can’t fix my ouchies myself! I need someone to help me. Thank you Lisa for helping future animal owners give their pets a voice!






Campers even got a special visit from my fellow buddy, Breanna! Here they are with their big smiley faces that I’m going to miss oh so much!

See you next week!

See you next week!