Paws To Bark Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! We know what happens in our backyards once the snow starts melting, the dreaded “land mine” appears and our scoops and buckets come out. Thankfully, PAWS TO BARK a fully-insured local company, will do the dirty work and scoop the poop for you.

Paws to Bark is once again donating a portion of proceeds from their Spring Cleaning to the animals at the HBSPCA. Spring Cleaning starts at $65. To book your cleaning, click here.

Sample of rates for yard clean-ups:

1 dog 2 dogs 3 dogs
Weekly $12 $17 $23
Twice weekly $18 $23 $28
Bi-weekly $22 $29 $36

Paws to Bark is also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.