Meet Luna – Wiggle Waggle Walk Spokesdog

Wiggle Waggle Walk

Luna is our spokesdog for Wiggle Waggle Walk

There’s a tiny dog who needs our help to make big changes in the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

She walks with a bit of a wobble; she wiggles and waggles around at her own pace, always with a smile on her cute little face. Her name is Luna and she is the reason we walk.

From the moment she came through the shelter doors, we knew this tiny Pomeranian mix would need an extra helping hand. It was obvious she had some problems keeping her balance while walking, running, jumping and even eating or just sitting still. Our vets determined that Luna was born with a condition called hemivertebra, meaning the bones in her spine are misshaped and growing on an angle instead of developing normally – which causes her to stumble and fall over a lot. Despite her physical limitations, Luna is fiercely independent and enjoys getting around on her own, much like many humans with mobility issues. It might take her a bit longer, and she might not look agile or graceful, but she can walk the walk like any other dog.

Greeting us with a goofy, tongue-wagging grin, Luna had major mouth problems: at only 3 years old she was suffering from severe dental disease. She was already missing almost half her teeth and the remaining ones were too far gone to save, resulting in a painful and costly oral surgery in our Companion Animal Hospital.

Nervous around kids and other dogs, vulnerable near stairways and on uneven ground, Luna needed an exceptional adoptive family to give her an ideal home. Thanks to a hero in our community, this special dog met her match and was adopted right after her bill of health was cleared!

Even though she has special needs, she doesn’t let anyone slow her down or stop her from doing things other dogs can do with ease. Luna wants to invite and include every dog and every person, regardless of their limitations, to join the 28th Wiggle Waggle Walk for the animals at the HBSPCA.

Luna needs a team of champions to walk with her on the road to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals who deserve a 2nd chance at a happy life – will you walk with her?