Lottery Tickets

Hamilton Burlington SPCA Spring Lottery 2020


Thank you for your support of our 2020 Spring Lottery!

Supporters who purchase tickets for our seasonal lotteries help to change lives every day. People who participate in the Lottery help pet owners be the pet parents they want to be,  help rehome animals at risk, and help reduce street cat populations through affordable spay neuter programs. Miracles happen every day at the shelter and in the community, thanks to people who care about animals in need.

Stay tuned for information about our Fall Lottery!

Please note that tax receipts will not be issued for lottery ticket purchases.
Lottery License #M845411

Date of draw Winner’s Name City Ticket number
April 30th  (early bird prize $2,500)  Kate Parkkari  St. Anns  #5381
May 1st  ($1,000)  Lewis Lathem  Stoney Creek  #0142
May 4th  ($1,000)  Joyce Chappell  Burlington  #6190
May 5th  ($1,000)  Jacoba Kane  Hamilton  #5532
May 6th  ($1,000)  Margaret Kelly  Stoney Creek  #6019
May 7th  ($1,000)  Mindy Tweedle  Hamilton  #1979
May 8th  ($1,000)  Dianne Arnold  Dundas  #3791
May 11th ($1,000)  Toni Hawthorne  Dundas  #3776
May 12th  ($1,000)  Barry Roberts  Waterdown  #4531
May 13th  ($1,000)  Nancy Infanti  Hamilton  #2064
May 14th ($1,000)  Ronald Campeau  Waterdown  #0114
May 15th ($1,000)  Marian Robertson  Burlington  #5920
May 19th  ($1,000)  Susan Lloyd  Hamilton  #3642
May 20th  ($1,000)  Linda Napper  Hamilton  #0099
May 21st  ($1,000)  Kenneth Smithard  Winona  #1937
May 22nd  ($1,000)  Marcel Tisi  Hamilton  #0155
 May 25th  ($1,000)  Carol Barresse  Campbellville  #5116
May 26th  ($1,000) Charles Mason  Hamilton  #3181
May 27th  ($1,000)  Janice Robinson  Hamilton  #1018
May 28th  ($1,000)  Peter O’Singa  Caledonia  #0729
May 29th (grand prize $5,000)  Murray McDiarmid  Hamilton  #5528