Good News Stories

Marigold went home!

Our hearts filled with pride and joy when long-time HBSPCA resident Marigold found her forever home after being with us for exactly 370 days. Our staff worked tirelessly to match Marigold with the perfect home and the perfect owner. She is a sweet, loving girl who needs the be the queen of the castle with no ... [read more]

Meet Samual

Who could resist this face?! Samual, a three year old Shepherd Mix was on the hunt for some new digs. Samual came to the HBSPCA from Hamilton Animal Services in early September 2015. Perfectly healthy and perfectly happy, Samual was sure to get a home in no time!

Meet Cisco

A bonus to being an SPCA Co-op student is getting a sneak peak at all the animals that come through the shelter doors! Lucky for “Fern”, a Havanese mix, one such SPCA Co-op had her eyes on him. It was “love at first sight”. Determined to bring Fern home, the student asked her Father to come inside while ... [read more]

Meet Davis

Here at the shelter, there are homeless and neglected animals admitted every day. From one day to the next, we never know who will be carried in through the doors and what conditions they may be experiencing. ‘Pete’ arrived at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) shelter in November 2014 as a stray from Hamilton Animal Services.

Meet Stella

Some dogs have all the luck! And that dog was me, this past St. Patrick’s Day. Staff found me at Hamilton Animal Services; I was very tired, sick and underweight, having birthed a litter of puppies.