Flea Prevention


The Hamilton Burlington SPCA can help!

We are now selling Advantage, in the adoption centre, for both cats and dogs.

Know who doesn’t understand social distancing? FLEAS!

These pesky critters have an agenda all their own and are not at all concerned about anything else happening in the world.

Fleas are very active insects, feeding on blood from animals and people. They jump onto passing animals and burrow down into the fur to the skin, where they stay well hidden while biting and ingesting blood. This is irritating to the animal, and to humans as well, as the bites can cause severe itching and inflammation.

Advantage is available for cats, dogs and small animals such as rabbits and ferrets and is sold in boxes of 6. Here is what you need to do to purchase a box

➡️ Contact us at 905 574-7722 and let us know the type of pet and their weight

➡️ PAY over the phone with a credit card. Visa, Mastercard or American Express. No debit Visa can be done over the phone

➡️ PICK UP your items. You will be provided with a pick up window time frame and your items will be available just inside our front door. Items will be clearly labeled with your name and instructions/receipt will be included.

Please note that Advantage is the only product we can sell without a prescription. If we have seen your dog within the last year for spay/neuter and you are looking for Flea/Tick medication please email info@hbspca.com and we can let you know what is available to you and the cost. Pick up/payment process will be the same as above.

Advantage is sold in boxes of 6 and is based on the weight of your pet.
Advantage is applied to your pet every 30 days.
Small Dog $74.00 plus tax
Med Dog $78.00 plus tax
Large Dog $83.00 plus tax
XLarge Dog $89.00 plus tax
Small Cat $74.00 plus tax
Large Cat $78.00 plus tax