Community Assistance Program

The HBSPCA provides spay/neuter surgeries for both cats and dogs.

Surgery happens at our onsite Companion Animal Hospital. Pet owners pre-register for the procedure, pre pay, and bring their pet to the shelter at 8:00 am on the day of the surgery. Pets are ready to be picked up at 3:30 pm and return home.

Starting April 15th, 4DX Heartworm Snap testing will be available for $25 during surgery. It is important to have your dog tested yearly to ensure they do not have heartworm. Learn more about heartworm here.

We are pleased to now be able to offer pre-operative blood work to all our spay/neuter clients.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer please email Gemma at to set up an appointment.  Bloodwork should be done at least one week prior to surgery and is available for both cats and dogs for $84.95.
*Please note that bloodwork is an optional, add on item and not mandatory prior to surgery.

If you are in need of a cat carrier to securely transport your feline to and from surgery, we have gently used carriers for sale at reception for $10, while supplies last.

The HBSPCA does NOT offer declawing.  You can find more information about why cats need claws here The Paw Project

Is my companion animal eligible for the program?

  • Pets must be between four months and five years of age.
  • Pets must be within a normal weight range for dogs and cats. (weight limit is 35kg)
  • Male dogs and cats must have two descended testicles.
  • Pets must not be coughing or sneezing.
  • Pets should not have any medical conditions or history of complications and medical conditions.
  • Pets must not be pregnant. Pregnant cats can be spayed, but the pregnancy will be terminated at the time of surgery.
  • Female dogs must not be in heat.
  • We strongly recommend that your animal is vaccinated prior to surgery to prevent them contracting a contagious disease.

* Effective Thursday October 10th, 2019 there will be a $25 admin fee charged for all refund requests

After Care Instructions:


Cat Spay or Neuter – $95.00

Dog Neuter – $170.00 – $195.00 – Price will vary with weight

Dog Spay – $215.00 – $270.00 – Price will vary with weight & age

4DX Heartworm Snap Testing – $25 (starting April 15th)

What’s included?

– Spay/Neuter
– Complementary Rabies vaccine
– Complementary FVRCP vaccine
– Complementary Microchip
– Complementary dose Revolution
– Complementary E-Collar for the girls

– Spay/Neuter
– Complementary Microchip
– Complementary Rabies vaccine
– Complementary E-Collar

Canine Wellness Package $25.00 – Can be added on to any canine surgery
– Deworming
– DA2PPv vaccine

Download the Community Assistance Program Application