Community Assistance Program

The HBSPCA provides spay/neuter surgeries for both cats and dogs.

Surgery happens at our onsite Companion Animal Hospital. Pet owners pre-register for the procedure, pre pay, and bring their pet to the shelter at 8:00 am on the day of the surgery. Pets are ready to be picked up at 3:30 pm and return home.

Starting April 15th, 4DX Heartworm Snap testing will be available for $25 during surgery. It is important to have your dog tested yearly to ensure they do not have heartworm. Learn more about heartworm here.

If you are in need of a cat carrier to securely transport your feline to and from surgery, we have gently used carriers for sale at reception for $10, while supplies last.

The HBSPCA does NOT offer declawing.  You can find more information about why cats need claws here

Is my companion animal eligible for the program?

  • Pets must be between four months and five years of age.
  • Pets must be within a normal weight range for dogs and cats. (weight limit is 35kg)
  • Male dogs and cats must have two descended testicles.
  • Pets must not be coughing or sneezing.
  • Pets should not have any medical conditions or history of complications and medical conditions.
  • Pets must not be pregnant. Pregnant cats can be spayed, but the pregnancy will be terminated at the time of surgery.
  • Female dogs must not be in heat.
  • We strongly recommend that your animal is vaccinated prior to surgery to prevent them contracting a contagious disease.

After Care Instructions:


Cat Spay or Neuter – $95.00

Dog Neuter – $170.00 – $195.00 – Price will vary with weight

Dog Spay – $215.00 – $270.00 – Price will vary with weight & age

4DX Heartworm Snap Testing – $25 (starting April 15th)

What’s included?

– Spay/Neuter
– Complementary Rabies vaccine
– Complementary FVRCP vaccine
– Complementary Microchip
– Complementary dose Revolution
– Complementary E-Collar for the girls

– Spay/Neuter
– Complementary Microchip
– Complementary Rabies vaccine
– Complementary E-Collar

Canine Wellness Package $25.00 – Can be added on to any canine surgery
– Deworming
– DA2PPv vaccine

Download the Community Assistance Program Application