Pet Surrender

November Update Regarding Cats: We are currently full to capacity with adult cats.

There are times when pet owners can no longer be full time pet owners and caregivers. Changes in personal mobility, living environment, and health status are some of the reasons pet owners can no longer care for their pet.

Adoptable pets can be surrendered to the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA). On receiving a surrendered pet, the HBSPCA does everything possible to match the pet with a new home.

What you need to know about Pet Surrender?

  • The HBSPCA can receive a pet surrender only if there is space available at the shelter.
  • There is a fee associated with surrendering a pet; the fee varies with the type and breed of animal and its history.
  • An appointment is required; this ensures staff  are available to complete a medical and behavioural assessment.

Alternatives to Surrender

A shelter should be your last resort for placing your animal. Before contacting the Hamilton Burlington SPCA you should attempt to place the animal in another home on your own. Ask friends, family, and neighbours. Don’t forget to ask your veterinary clinic. Placing your pet in a shelter can be stressful for your animal and we are eager to avoid this if possible.

If your options are exhausted, or not available to you, you can call the HBSPCA for an appointment to consider your pet’s eligibility for surrender to the HBSPCA for rehoming.

To surrender a dog or a small animal
Please contact Becky, Assessment Associate at to book a consultation. Please allow 2 – 3 days for an appointment as the intake schedule is very busy.

Other options include family, friends, social media etc..