Summer Camp – Week 3

We began our first day of week 3 with two special visitors: Tracy and her dog Daphne, and Sharon and her special Seeing Eye Dog, Hominy. Tracy taught campers all about how to approach a dog that they don’t know, and then let campers practice on Daphne! Sharon explained her condition, which left her night blind in both eyes and with zero depth perception, and told us how Hominy is now “her eyes”.


Tuesday brought great weather and a fun trip to the Donkey Sanctuary. Between meeting donkeys, learning about their day to day life, and talking to the Donkey keepers, campers were sad to leave!

On Day 3, Tracy visited again to further show campers how to interact with a variety of dogs. First, we got to see Daphne again and play with her, and then we met the office dog Pedro! Both dogs patiently allowed campers to give them funky hair (or fur) styles.


On Thursday, Betty and her dog Jed visited. Betty talked to us all about the process of adopting Jed and about bloodhounds. In the afternoon, campers were visited by Louise and her dog Big Man. She taught campers all dog interaction, and let campers do their favourite thing – pet him!


On Friday, a group called Little Friends came in with their variety of pocket pets, ranging from rats to chinchillas! Campers got to learn more about these interesting animals while playing with each pet. Then Brandon from Skedaddle  came in and gave an amazing talk.


Campers created many amazing art this week, one favorite being the egg carton turtles! Check out all of the creative crafts they fashioned below: