Summer Camp – Week 4

Monday began with a presentation from our guest speaker Tracy and her dog, Daphne. They taught us how to interact with a new dog, and campers got to play and intermingle with Daphne. Next, the Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth (GLOHW) came in a brought an abundance of greyhounds to teach campers all about the breed and how a greyhound is rehabilitated from a “loser” to a “winner”.


On Tuesday, campers were visited by the Shannon and her ‘skinny pigs’, Sheldon and Spencer, who taught them how to care for this type of Guinea Pig. Later, Ashley from Royal Canin visited with her dog, who was adopted from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA! She taught us about dog health and what you should and shouldn’t feed your dog.


Wednesday brought the trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area, where campers climbed, hiked, and played outside all day.

On Thursday we met some of our kennel buddies, ranging from the SPCA’s office dog, Pedro, to our adoptable rats! Later on Louise came to talk to us about her dog, Big Man, who she adopted from Tennessee. He is enrolled in our Pet Visitation program, and campers learned all about the process of successfully enrolling a dog as a pet therapy dog.


Lastly, campers got to meet Lucy and her two greyhounds on Friday followed by our camp coordinator, Sally, who brought in her guinea pigs!


Along with some fun presentations and a great trip, campers got to make many fun craft, ranging from picture frames to bookmarks to chew toys.