Why I Walk: Denise & Jake

Denise had only been working as the coordinator of volunteer services a few weeks when she met Jake, a shepherd-mix who’d come into HBSPCA care via Hamilton Animal Services as a stray. By the end of May 2016, she’d adopted him into his forever home. With his deep, kind eyes and sweet personality, he’s the most gentle, loving, calm dog anyone could hope for.

On September 10th, animal lovers and dogs like Jake will be participating in HBSPCA’s 28th Wiggle Waggle Walk. This annual fundraiser supports the day-to-day operations of the shelter necessary for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of all animals in need. Funds raised go towards animals in need of medical assistance and allow us to help every abandoned.

It only took a few days for Jake to adjust from shelter-life to his new home and it turns out he learned a few tricks before we met him at the shelter. He already knew how to sit, lay down and shake a paw, taking pride in showing his skills and eager to learn new ones.

Jake spends most days running with his pack of friends at doggy day care and coming to work to fulfil his duties as an HBSPCA visiting dog. Jake also completed his assessment/training to become an official therapy dog in our shelter program. A favourite with staff and volunteers, Jake enjoys being hugged and getting random belly rubs from dog walkers, hospital staff and the admin team whenever possible.

We walk for Jake and every animal that has ever been abandoned or neglected, every animal who has suffered at the hands of a human. We walk to support all the animals that work: Therapy companions, Guide dogs, Police dogs and more. We walk because there are so many dogs that need our help.

Jake and Denise will be cruising through Bayfront Park at the Wiggle Waggle Walk, which takes place on September 10th, 2017. This fundraiser is very important to Jake bec ause all of the money goes directly towards helping animals in need. Jake will be enjoying all the pets and face-licking opportunities at the park and he would LOVE to see you there! Please register, donate and walk with us.