Meet your match

A program to match animals and potential owners

Maybe you’re looking for an independent, undemanding companion? Or maybe you want to wake up every morning to find your shadow has a tail. We use the “Meet Your Match” program to assess animals and potential owners to make sure we find forever homes that are a good fit.

Meet Your Match is the only tool available that evaluates an animal’s behaviour and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences.

We categorize every cat that’s ready for adoption according to the nine “feline-alities” included in the Meet Your Match program: private investigator, secret admirer, love bug, the executive, sidekick, personal assistant, MVP, party animal and leader of the band.

Dogs are assessed as one of the nine “canine-alities”: couch potato, constant companion, teacher’s pet, wallflower, busy bee, goofball, life of the party, go-getter and free spirit.

But the animal is only one half of the match equation. When you come in to the shelter to inquire about adoption, you’ll fill out an adopter’s survey. This information will help us figure out whether you’re looking for a private investigator, sidekick, teacher’s pet or goofball.

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