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Adopt a dog from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

Thank you for taking the time to view our adoptable animals, our website is up to date with animals currently waiting for their forever homes. Did you know that the animals listed on our website are not the only animals we are caring for? The HBSPCA takes in unclaimed strays through Hamilton Animals Services, animals surrendered by their owners and also through our Protection Department. These animals are in need of veterinary care, grooming, socializing and many of them have been neglected or abandoned for quite some time. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are always up to the task and love each one of these animals as if they are their own. By choosing to make a lifetime commitment and adopting you are not only helping to give an animal in need a forever home, you are helping us to continue the cycle of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming.

Adoption is a feel-good way to become a pet owner.

Are you ready to adopt? Establishing a relationship with a veterinarian is essential to offering your pet a healthy and happy life. Come prepared with a chosen veterinary partner to ensure your new companion gets started on the right track.

NOTE: Adoption Applications are accepted in person ONLY. Our adoptions centre hours are:
Mon: closed
Tues: 12 – 5
We – Fri: 12 – 7
Sat: 10 – 5
Sun: 12 – 3

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