Frequently Asked Questions

My cat is having accidents in my house. What should I do?

If your cat is having accidents in the house, it’s recommended that you pay a visit to your vet to rule out any medical problems. If your cat is healthy, most likely you’re dealing with a behaviour issue—get ready to experiment with different scenarios to find out what’s preventing your cat from using the box. Consider where your box is located. Is there a scary noise nearby? Cats have more sensitive hearing than humans so the noise may not seem frightening to you but it may be enough to spook a cat. Is it on a hard, cold surface? Is it in a spot that your cat frequents anyway? Is it near a strong smell? Remember what smells good to you may offend your feline. Spaying or neutering your cat can help with “accidents,” especially if your cat is spraying. Spaying and neutering also has many health benefits for cats and will help your cat become more balanced and calm.