An Update on Buster & Dutchie

Buster and Dutchie came to the HBSPCA in early January, when their owners’ failing health caused them to be unable to care for the two girls any longer. These two dogs were in rough shape when they arrived and it was obvious that we had a lot of work ahead of us to get them back to good health. They were both suffering from thickened, irritated skin, evidence of chronic ear and skin infections, flea infestation, dental disease and numerous lumps and bumps. Off the girls went to a wonderful foster home where they could relax and prepare for their much-needed medical procedures. There it became obvious that Buster and Dutchie were extremely attached to each other and would need to go to a home together.

Fast forward to the middle of February when Brenda came to adopt these two girls together! She recently sent us the following, heartwarming update:
“Dutchie has settled in with no problems. As long as the bed is soft, or the lap is warm, she’s a happy little girl. Buster has also settled in nicely although she is still learning her boundaries as far as the cat is concerned. She’s slowly losing her extreme dependence on Dutchie and her personality is starting to come out. She has quite the mischievous streak. She likes to play fetch with her toys, the lamb being her favourite because it squeaks.The skin issues are slowly clearing up but I know this is going to be a long haul. The coconut oil massages and medicated baths seem to be helping a lot. Dutchie likes carrots, Buster does not. Neither one likes bananas but they both like apples. Buster likes to play fetch, Dutchie likes to watch. They both like their walks but I have had to get a harness for Dutchie because she pulls so badly on the leash. You can hear her gasping for air. They are also learning how to walk properly on a leash. I think Dutchie was used to doing what she wanted, when she wanted, if she wanted. That’s not working so well now.

Dutchie has also grown very fond of my son and likes to nap on his lap on the days he’s working from home. They have finally stopped crying when I leave the house, having learned that I’m only gone for a few hours and I come back although they both hold a vigil in front of the window until I return. Dutchie is also a bit of an escape artist and I have had to go around the entire backyard blocking up any hole that I think she can get through. I think I’ve finally found them all but I’ll have to be watchful. Overall, they are very well behaved and seem to be settling into our routine. I’m very glad I adopted them and hope to have many years of enjoyment. As my son said, they’re really are too cute for words”

Thank you Brenda for opening your heart and your home to these wonderful senior ladies!