Angel Had Her Happy Ending

Angel came to be in the care of the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA via our Protection Department. This poor girl arrived with a large number of other animals, all of whom had experienced serious neglect. At 11 years old Angel was in terribly rough shape and in desperate need of veterinary care. Angel had fleas, her skin was thickened and red and she had lost almost all of her hair.

The team at our onsite Companion Animal Hospital discovered that she was also anemic because of the heavy flea infestation. Our medical team ruled out other skin parasites, treated her for fleas and started her on a course of medication to treat her poor skin. In addition, Angel had some benign lumps removed, 5 badly damaged teeth removed and a full dental cleaning. Finally, she was spayed and fully vaccinated. Angel was very quiet when she first arrived but over the 3 months she spent with us she learned to trust her caregivers.

Angel waited patiently for someone to take her home. Her lucky day came when Gord came to the shelter to meet her. It was love at first sight. Despite her age, her missing hair and her heartbreaking past she was on the way to her new life where she would be loved, and cherished. Gord reported to us that she’s doing great and he is head over heels in love with her! “She is doing very well and fitting in quite nicely. And what a sweetheart! She could do with tummy rubs all day long! She has a very sweet disposition, and is not given at all to biting, though she loves to bark.” “She’s had her first visit with her new vet and her health is exceptionally good, especially considering her previous life prior to you kind folks who rescued her and put her on her path to recovery”

Thank you Gord for welcoming Angel into your life. We are happy that you both found each other!