Meet Georgia

Sometimes there isn’t a long, sad story. Sometimes, an animal just had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And we are always thrilled to be able to tell the tale of a short shelter stay, and a healthy, happy ending.

Georgia is one such story. Georgia came to the HBSPCA shelter in May 2014 from Hamilton Animal Services (HAS). It was at a time when, due to a successful adoption campaign, the HBSPCA had the space to acquire a large group of dogs from HAS and give them a second chance. Georgia is a 1.5 year old Pekingese girl with a perfect bill of health.

Georgia was only at the shelter a week before the perfect family came to call. Georgia has now adjusted beautifully to her new family, and they are so happy together that they have decided to “give back” – through the HBSPCA Pet Therapy program! She has already made friends in the program, both canine and human and is enjoying her visits to long term care homes. Thank you Georgia!

“We could not possibly be more thrilled with our beautiful, sweet Georgia girl! With three children 10 yrs and under in our house, we needed to be sure that our new family member would get along with everyone. She is absolutely amazing, and just as wonderful as the staff at the HBSPCA assured us she would be. Her temperament is a perfect fit with our busy household and we are enjoying every minute with her in our lives!”