Meet Nolan

Woof! Do I look familiar? That’s probably because you’ve seen my face on the HBSPCA facebook page a lot lately. My name is Nolan, and I was rescued by the HBSPCA in early January. They found me at Hamilton Animal Services, but before that, I was homeless.

I wasn’t feeling well – It turns out I was diagnosed as Heartworm positive. The Heartworm medicine made me feel worse for a while, it’s a pretty painful treatment and it made me really tired. I heard the vet say that they’re really expensive too! But I was pretty spoiled – the staff and volunteers were really great at taking care of me; no one could resist my face. People took photos of me, took me for walks, cuddled with me and pet me and gave me treats. I’m quite shy, but even I loved all the attention. My last Heartworm treatment was March 3rd, and I was feeling great. I really wanted one of those families walking by my kennel to take me home.

March 18th was my big day! I knew it as soon as I saw them. We hit it off right away. Now I’m at home, enjoying the good life, where there are even more walks, pets, and cuddles. Some people didn’t want to adopt me because I like to chew everything. But you know what? In my new house, my mom is helping me with this and I’m getting much better! I hope all my friends at the HBSPCA found homes too!