Meet Samual

Who could resist this face?! Samual, a three year old Shepherd Mix was on the hunt for some new digs. Samual came to the HBSPCA from Hamilton Animal Services in early September 2015. Perfectly healthy and perfectly happy, Samual was sure to get a home in no time!

As it turns out, while typically very friendly, Samual suffered from “Barrier Aggression”. This means that he became extremely anxious if anyone approached him within his kennel space. The biggest downfall of an issue like this is that if a family came to visit Samual, they may be scared away by his barks if they approached his area. HBSPCA staff made sure to always make introductions outside of the kennel and to also make sure Samual had as much time outside of his kennel as possible. Still, Samual waited.

But his good looks and charm prevailed, and the right family came to find him in mid-October. Adoption staff explained Samual’s anxiety and they met in the HBSPCA auditorium – where it was love at last! Samual found the home he longed for – stay tuned for more updates!