Meet Stella

Some dogs have all the luck! And that dog was me, this past St. Patrick’s Day. Staff found me at Hamilton Animal Services; I was very tired, sick and underweight, having birthed a litter of puppies.

The care at HBSPCA was immediate. I was spayed (no more pups for me!), vaccinated and microchipped. I was introduced to dog food – all new to me. Staff and volunteers tried to help me eat and they coaxed me in all kinds of ways. I can be pretty stubborn, but of course that’s because I am a Dogue de Bordeaux!   But soon, I was eating just like all the other dogs and I walked every day to build up my strength. And then she found me! (Name) brought me home and I’ve settled right in. It has been a month now and I’m gaining weight because of my very persistent mom. We play every day and I never leave her side – I hope all my friends back at the shelter get a home as great as mine!