Meet White Stripes & Lightning Bolt

I’m White Stripes, and this is Lightning Bolt (our names used to be Master Bruce and Alfred). We are 2 year old domestic shorthairs.
If you couldn’t tell from our photo, we’re brothers. We like to stick together and we were very fortunate to be adopted, not just by any family, but by two brothers. It was meant to be!

When we came into the shelter we weren’t doing too great. We were rescued on December 2nd, 2014 and not long after that we went to a foster home so we could be treated for an upper respiratory infection. We got lots of love, care and rest and after two weeks we were all better and ready to find our new family.

Our lucky day came on December 29th, 2014. We love our new family and are so happy that we have two more brothers to play with. Thank you HBSPCA for helping us find the purrrfect home!