Have a Heart for the Animals this Valentine’s Day!

Have a heart for the animals this Valentine’s Day! Looking to spread the love to your furry friends? We’ve got a few ideas!

  1. You can fix a broken heart! Support Wilbur, Winter and Tundra’s heartworm treatment. For every $5 donated, a heart will be added to one of their kennels. Be sure to leave your message in the details box if you’d like a heart to go up! Click here to contribute!
  2. Register for National Cupcake Day to ‘bake’ a difference for pets in need!
  3. Check out our wish list to send a much needed item to the shelter.
  4. Head on over to our friends Universal Cleaners Inc. on Facebook or Instagram and give them a like. For every new like during the month of February, they’ll donate $2 to the HBSPCA!
  5. Lastly, always adopt, don’t shop! If you’re looking to add a beloved pet companion to your life, check out our adoptions page, or come in to 245 Dartnall Rd to speak with an associate!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your fur-babies!