What is a Protection Team?

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Protection Team is on the front lines of animal welfare in Hamilton and Burlington. Our 3 Officers  – Cruelty and Protection Officers – respond to all calls about animals in distress or neglect in city and country, in homes, fairs and on farms. Altogether, our Officers have a combined 56 years of service investigating animal cruelty in Hamilton and Burlington.

Trained as inspectors and agents, our Officers are appointed under the Ontario SPCA Act and have the authority of a police officer while enforcing the laws of Ontario and Canada that pertain to animal cruelty.

Our Officers are educators too. Not all site visits in response to calls about animals at risk result in animals being removed from site or owners charged under the legislation. Sometimes, a little advice on proper shelter, food, and preventative care, and follow up visits, quickly improve the health and well-being of animals and caregivers’ knowledge about responsible animal care.

Prevention of animal cruelty is a shared responsibility. Our trained Officers work closely with Hamilton Police Services, area veterinarians, Hamilton animal Services, the University of Guelph, community social services and citizens.

All complaints and reports about animals in distress are investigated and documented on a priority basis. The results of investigations are confidential and are not released. The outcomes of cases that go to court are reported publicly.

If you observe an animal that you believe is not receiving proper care, please contact the HBSPCA Protection Team between 9am – 5pm at (905) 574-7722 ext. 401 or email investigations@hbspca.com .

For after-hours emergency calls please contact:  1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).

Additionally, you could also contact:

  • City of Hamilton Animal Control at (905) 574-3433, OR
  • Burlington Animal Control at (905) 335-3030, OR
  • your local police.