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Summer Camp – Week 2

Day one began with a visit from three special people: Shannon and her ‘skinny pigs’, Laura and her ‘bug’ (a mixture of a bulldog and a pug), and our very own counselor with  her newly adopted dog. Sheldon and Spencer, the two skinny pigs, taught us all about their special breed of hairless guinea pigs. Soon after, Bella, the ‘bug’, showed us her fancy tricks and  how a pet can overcome a bad injury. Lastly, Rider the lab-possibly greyhound mix also showed off his tricks and taught us about some of the ways to care for a new dog.

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Day two was Donkey Day: the campers set off to learn all about this cool animal at the Donkey Sanctuary!


On day three we had one visitor in the morning that brought many colourful surprises: Bernie with her budgies! Bernie taught us all about the over 400 different types of budgies, how to care for them and know their gender. The afternoon brought a party of pocket pets and the SPCA’s office dog, Pedro.

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On Thursday, campers were treated by a presentation about greyhounds by Lucy and her two dogs, Missy and Mac. In the afternoon, Louise visited with her dog Big Man. Big Man taught us all about the pet visiting program and the process of adoption.

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Campers’ were sad to leave on Friday, especially after the cool presentations! First Sally, our head of camp, came in and talked to us about her guinea pigs. Campers learned all about how to care for and own these special pocket pets, and came away with a lot of new knowledge.

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Finally, the campers created many cool crafts this week! Our Arts and Craft Coordinator really outdid herself, providing us with templates for animal bookmarks, funky photo frames, and much more!

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Summer Camp – Week 1

What a great start to our summer camp program! Week 1 was packed with dogs, rats, and fun in the sun! We started the week off with presentations about pocket pets and ending with one of our very own counselor’s talking about her experience adopting her dog. Campers went home with further knowledge on animals, an appreciation of nature, and smiling faces.

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A little furry friend by the name of Peanut visited first. Scurrying from shoulder to shoulder of Lauren, his owner, Peanut taught campers all about how to care for and play with a pet rat. We also met our shelter rats, Wicket and Widget.

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We were also visited by a group known as GLOW, which stands for Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth. We got to learn all about how greyhounds are bred, raced, and retired. Some of them had pretty silly racing names, and the room was filled with questions and smiling dogs.

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Campers also made some great crafts this week, ranging from butterflies, painted turtles, and cat scratchers.


Campers also got to learn more about guinea pigs and pet massages. After snuggling with Oreo and Daisy the guinea pigs, Susan came in. She got us moving, and then told us all about how to make our pets feel better if they have sore muscles or other injuries, using our office dog, Pedro, as an example!

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On Thursday, campers were visited by two dogs! Bella and her owner Laura, taught us all about how a pet can bounce back from an injury.  Big Man, and her owner Louise talked about the adoption process and what life is like as a pet visiting dog, where they visit people who are in need of a little dog love.

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Our trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area on Wednesday was as much fun as it was hot. The campers got to listen to guest speakers, climb around the play barn, and learn all about the Conservation Area.

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On our final day, campers were visited by the Shannon and her ‘skinny pigs’, Sheldon and Spencer!  After hearing about how to care for this special breed of guinea pigs, we met Rider, who was adopted from the HBSPCA last year.

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After a long week of fuzzy friends and a grand trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area, we are sad to see everyone go. We hope we see this amazing group of campers again next year!

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