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Adoptions, donations, & happy endings.

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Meet Cisco

A bonus to being an SPCA Co-op student is getting a sneak peak at all the animals that come through the shelter doors! Lucky for “Fern”, a Havanese mix, one such SPCA Co-op had her eyes on him.

It was “love at first sight”. Determined to bring Fern home, the student asked her Father to come inside while she finished her tasks for the day. She made sure he met Fern, and that was it!
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Happy Retirement, Joey!


Adopting an animal from the SPCA is always a meaningful day for new owners. It is even more so for those who have known the animal for much of their childhood. This was the case for one of our past Campers and Junior Counselors, Marissa. After two years apart, Marissa was reunited with her best friend in August 2015.
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Blog :: Camps

Summer Camp – Week 6

What an amazing summer it’s been! Week 6 has been jam-packed with educational and exciting activities! Campers were visited by some new and old friends who taught them about caring for different types of animals. They also learned about dog training and different breeds of cats!

An old furry friend, Hominie the guide dog, came for a visit to see all of the new campers this week. She was thrilled to teach them about guide dogs and how to approach them. Campers also learned about how important it is to have a guide dog for people who need them.

1 3 4 2

Two friends that have visited the campers before popped by to say hello! Morgan the dog and Chloe the cat. Their owners educated the campers on properly grooming cats and dogs. They also introduced Chloe by informing campers about different breeds of cats!

7 6 5

Campers also got a chance to do some crafts throughout the week – bookmarks, wooden clip animals, enrichment toys for our shelter animals and cardboard elephants!

8 9 10 11


Later on in the week, campers were visited by Positive Pups and learned more about the sport, Flyball! Droid and Hooch were two very excited dogs that came to demonstrate the sport with the help of the campers.

14 16 15

On Thursday campers were visited by our lovely office buddy, Pedro! Campers were educated on how to properly care for smaller dogs and the duties of a therapy dog.

18 17 19

Earlier in the week campers had the opportunity to make their weekly banner and put their creative skills to work!

20 22 21

We’re very sad to see these great campers go, but we’re very excited for our last week at camp starting next Monday August 17th!

We hope to see these lovely campers next year!


Oswald & Geeves, 2 HBSPCA Barn Buddies, are loving their barn home. #feraltuesday @alleycatallies pic.twitter.com/JlKWWsqRXa