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Summer Camp – Week 4

This week was a scorcher! But don’t worry; we kept everyone cool and safe! Campers enjoyed time outside and with our guest speakers. They also had an opportunity to visit the Donkey Sanctuary in Guelph, Ontario!

Campers started the week off by visiting some of the animals here at the shelter. They had a chance to pick their very own kennel buddy and write a customized card for them.1


Later this week they were paid a visit by Susan Walker from Gimme Paws. She taught the campers about the importance of massaging your animal and proper technique. Thank you for educating our campers, they surely enjoyed learning about animal masseuses!



Campers got to dig into the arts and crafts basket and make some brain-training toys for the animals in the shelter. These types of toys exercise the minds of the animals to help with brain development.

5 6


During the middle of the week, campers were also visited by their friend, Georgia! Georgia has visited the SPCA on various occasions and the campers love her every time she comes to see them! How can they not, she’s adorable!

8 9


During the end of the week, campers were able to prepare the food for the dogs at the shelter and learn the importance of a proper diet. They took turns to pour different kibble and wet food into different types of feeders and learned the difference between all of them.

Let’s just say they had a mouth-full of knowledge after they were finished!

12 13 14

Their last visitor of the week was a new friend named Archer! Archer is a 2 year old Great Pyrenees and was brought in by one of our lovely co-op students, Nicole. Campers learned about the difference in taking care of a bigger dog in comparison to a smaller one. They were also educated on the personality traits that belong to this type of breed.

He stood quite tall and the campers were truly taken aback at how big he was! Archer got a chance to be groomed by our campers and boy did he ever love it!



This week’s trip was to the Donkey Sanctuary and they enjoyed every minute of it! They got to meet many different types of donkeys and learn about their personality, growth, and other interesting tid bits of information.

18 19 20

This week was an absolute whirlwind of fun activities and new friends. We hope the campers learned more about how to care about animals and the importance of proper care.

We can’t wait to see what next week will bring us!



Summer Camp – Week 3

Hi everyone! My name is Chase and I’m up for adoption at the HBSPCA. I had an eventful week with the campers and I have a lot to share with you!

Campers were paid a visit Touch of Class Equestrian. They brought some furry ducklings, Shiloah the baby goat, and Sophia the miniature horse. All I heard about was how cute the ducks were!



Campers were also visited by Mark from Little Res Q. He brought some reptile friends such as snakes, turtles, and a bearded dragon. These campers were having a ruff time letting go of the reptiles because they were having so much fun!


Do you think you could cuddle with this guy more than me? I don’t think so!

Do you think you could cuddle with this guy more than me? I don’t think so!



Campers were then visited by Brandon from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. He taught them what he does to help animals who have strayed far from home. I know that my future forever home would make sure I’m microchipped if I ever strayed away!



After their guest speakers came in, campers did tons of crafts and made very cool bookmarks! Take a look…make sure you do it quick before I slobber all over them!




Wow! Awesome job campers! Keep those little buggers away from me because I might think they’re mine! Woof Woof!

For the trip this week, campers went to Alpaca’s from Eight and Mud. They learned about alpaca  fur and what it can be used for. They also got to be up close and personal with these great animals too! I know I like to have some one-on-one time with friends, especially when they want to play catch with me!

15 16


They even got to make personalized pieces of wool to bring home with them!




A friend of mine, Georgia, paid a special visit! She was here at the HBSPCA before I got here, but she’s a furry friend who found a great home! I’m sure she would want to play catch with me sometime!



For their last day of camp, I was very sad to see them go! I wanted to cuddle with them and play fetch, but I know they have  forever homes too. I’ll find mine soon enough!

They had a visit from Lisa from Pawsitive Wellness Pet Care. She taught them all about animal first aid. I think that animal first aid is important because I can’t fix my ouchies myself! I need someone to help me. Thank you Lisa for helping future animal owners give their pets a voice!






Campers even got a special visit from my fellow buddy, Breanna! Here they are with their big smiley faces that I’m going to miss oh so much!

See you next week!

See you next week!






Summer Camp 2015 – Week 2

Week two of summer camp was outstanding! Campers had a lot of fun exploring the outdoors, learning about many new animals and animal care. They were paid visits from great guest speakers who talked about the importance of understanding animal behavior in addition to their breeds and characteristics.

Campers visited the Mountsberg Conservation Area where they learned about wild birds like the bald eagle and different breeds of owls. They even had an opportunity to feel their wings to tell the difference! How cool is that?!


What a great Junior Counsellor, lending a helping back! Each week, volunteer Junior Counsellors have been helping out the Camp Counsellors and Supervisor by helping to oversee the campers and make sure everything flows smoothly. Job well done!


Here the campers are learning more about wild birds and boy did they have a lot of questions!


What a beautiful bird! While the campers didn’t hold the birds, they got a very up close and personal look at them.


Campers explored the conservatory where all the birds were kept. They asked many questions and were thrilled to see such large birds and learn more about them!


Here, campers are touching the wings and feathers of various birds of prey. We were told they are a lot fuzzier than they thought!

Touch of Class Equestrian paid us another lovely visit, but this time they brought a new friend! Shiloh the 6 month old pygmy goat! This little guy was such a pleasure to meet and learn about.


Campers also had a visit from the Missy, the Italian Greyhound, this week. They learned more about this unique breed and also that Missy is a rescue from the HBSPCA! Their biggest question was: “What makes them so fast?!”



During some of their free time, the Counsellors introduced campers to one of our adoptable dogs, Martha.

Martha is a sweet 10 year old beagle here at the HBSPCA who is also looking for her forever home. Campers learned about properly approaching an older dog and respecting her space.

They did a remarkable job, allowing her to explore the room and approach them on her own terms.

11 12


Such big smiling faces! Campers had some free time this week to play capture the flag. They were super excited to be outside in the bright sun – but don’t worry, they were well-protected with sunscreen and sunhats!


Look at these campers acting all tough! They had to – they had a really competitive game of capture the flag ahead of them! I wonder who won? Team blue or team yellow?!

Campers had the pleasure of meeting Hominy, the guide-dog.  Campers learned how to act around guide-dogs and understood the importance of not distracting them while on the job.

15 16 17

Each week campers pick kennel buddies. These are adoptable animals from our shelter that campers write a description about and visit everyday.


Thinking hard to choose the right words to describe her new shelter friend!


Another special visitor – Jed the Bloodhound! He was adored by everyone.


His owner gave campers some information about Bloodhounds and their interesting characteristics. They are used by police officers to help find missing people and they howl quite loudly! An interesting historical fact – the longest distance that a Bloodhound was able to track a missing person was over 120 miles! Wow!

We had such an amazing week! 5 more weeks to go!

22 23


This handsome devil is Nike and he is waiting to meet his #foreverfamily at the #HBSPCA Come meet him today pic.twitter.com/bF4ZxxAGbI