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Feline Friday

For today’s #FelineFriday lets talk……..Cat Enrichment

What is enrichment?  Enrichment is providing animals with needed environmental stimuli that satisfy their natural instincts, this helps promotes physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.  Basically enrichment is activities to prevent your cat from being bored 😊 A bored cat can often lead to some unpleasant and inappropriate behaviours so let’s keep them busy.

Feline enrichment does not need to be expensive; we have several suggestions that are cheap or even FREE!

Make them a kitty fort – grab a few cardboard boxes, we know there are extra deliveries coming to your house these days, get the kids involved and make a fun cardboard fort that your cats will love.  Cut some openings, stack them on top of each other and watch your cats have a blast.

Muffin Tin Cat Puzzle – You will need a muffin tin, some cat toys and some kibble or treats.  Place a few kibbles or treats in each hole of the muffin tin and then cover the food with a cat toy.  Your cat will need to search around the toy to get to the food/treats.  If they master the muffin tin you can also try an egg carton or an ice cube tray for more of a challenge.

Reach Feeder – An old shoe box with the lid or a pop can box works perfect for this one.  You will need the box, a few toilet paper rolls, a pencil, some scissors and some cat kibble or treats.  Using a pen or pencil, trace the end of the toilet paper rolls on top of the lid; repeat in different locations on the lid, one outline for each roll.  Using your scissors, cut the holes out on the lid. Make sure to cut along the traced lines – if the hole is too big the roll will not be sturdy.  Slide rolls into each of the holes, and place kibble or treats into each roll. Give to your cat!  This is a another great one for the kids to help with, just be careful with the scissors!

Bird Watching – This one is CRAZY easy!  Place a soft bed or blanket near the window, up high enough that the cat can watch the birds outside.  This works best if you have a bird feeder just outside the window.

A paper ball – This one is the easiest of them all.  Crumple up a piece of paper and watch your cat bat it around all over the house.  Most cats will go crazy over a simple paper ball.  You can also give them an empty paper bag for hours of enjoyment.


Feline Friday

For today’s #FelineFriday let’s talk……..FLEAS!
How many times have your heard, or even said, the sentence “my cat is indoor only, they don’t need flea prevention”? Unfortunately, this is simply not a true statement.

You may feel that by keeping your cat indoors 100% of the time you are immune to the trouble that fleas can bring, however fleas are incredibly resilient and by not providing flea prevention to your cats you may be making it easier for the fleas to make themselves right at home on your indoor cat.
How does this happen?
🐱 Does your cat like to sit in the window by the screen or perhaps by the screen door on a lovely warm day? Fleas are one of the strongest jumpers in the animal kingdom and they will find your cat as they bask in the sun and warm breeze through that screen.
🐱 Do you go outside? Every time you go outside the fleas are watching. They are not afraid to hitch a ride on your socks, or latch onto your pants and come home with you. And it only takes one flea for a problem to begin. Just one pregnant flea can quickly lay 50 eggs and then the cycle continues. It’s said that for every 1 flea that you see there are 100 more lurking just out of sight.
🐱 Do you have a dog? Even if your dog is on flea prevention, they can still bring in a live hitchhiker flea when they return inside, and that flea is going to make a beeline for your unprotected cat.
🐱 Did you just move into a new home? As we mentioned fleas are crazy resilient and pre-existing fleas can be dormant for many months just waiting for you and your indoor only cat to move into their space.

What can you do?

Prevention is ALWAYS easier than treatment. For most pet owners a once-a-month topical treatment is the easiest way to prevent fleas. Place it on your pet, on the back of their neck, once every 30 days and rest assured that everyone is protected. These days there are several different prevention options available and pet owners can speak with their veterinarian to find the one that is best for them. We are also able to sell Advantage Flea Prevention over the counter here at the HBSPCA and you can visit our website /services/flea-prevention/ for more details or give us a call at 905 574-7722.

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The Water Dish – April 22

Dear Friends of the Animals,

It’s National Volunteer Week! The National Volunteer Week theme for 2021, The Value of One, The Power of Many, reflects on the awe-inspiring acts of kindness by millions of individuals AND the magic that happens when we work together towards a common purpose. This past year, we have seen people supporting family, friends, neighbours, and strangers, people standing up to systemic racism, and people sharing insights on how to create a more just and equitable society.

We recognize the value of the caring and compassion that each one has shown another, and we recognize the power of people, organizations, and sectors working together. Across the country. Even though COVID is continuing to keep us apart we can’t let this week go by without sending a huge thank you to our AMAZING volunteers!

Did you know that our Spring Lottery is possible because of some of our amazing, dedicated volunteers? When you phone to purchase your lottery tickets it’s likely a volunteer on the other end of the phone taking your order. The lottery is a success because of our volunteers who give hours of their time in order to help the animals. 


There are only a few hundred tickets left and our volunteers will be ready to receive your call between 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday at 905 574-7722 ext. 407. Purchase your Spring Lottery tickets today!
While most of our volunteer programs are still on hold we can’t wait for the day when we can welcome our volunteers back. Until then, we want to express our sincere appreciation to them all and send them a big virtual hug. Thank you to volunteers everywhere!

HBSPCA looking for nominations

Do you know someone who has shown outstanding commitment and dedication to the animals in your neighbourhood or broader community?
The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA seeks nominations for the annual Dr. Jean Rumney Award. Tell us their name, where they live, and how they demonstrate their passion, dedication and commitment to the well being and safety of animals.

Send your Dr. Jean Rumney Award nomination to no later then Monday May 31st.

For every dad, daddy, father and pops in your life wish them a Happy Father's Day this year with a donation to the #HBSPCA. Celebrate that special dad in your life by helping out the animals in your community… Thank you! #WeCare4AnimalWelfare #donate